“The Art of Spectating” is a body of work propelled by a question whether visual linkages between artworks and art-watchers are mere coincidence, or perhaps are result of a deeper subconscious psychology adopted in the context of an art museum.
Away from the hectic, loud and fast environment of the city, I believe that the overwhelming silence and slow flow of the time encourage moments of intimate dialog between people and art, which are observed in terms of emotional reactions, mimicking behaviours or simply casual linkages in forms, colours or body language.
In taking the distance and becoming an observer myself, I bring the audience and their interaction with the artworks to the forefront, as the main focal point. My exploration makes me wonder whether art imitates life or life imitates art.
Each photograph part of this work represents a candid and unposed moments, with no interaction between me and the subjects.
London (2013 – present)