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Venice Carnival 2018

Quiet during the winter months, Venice comes alive during the Carnival, the annual festival with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter.
The tradition of the Venice Carnival boasts ancient origins and, whist it is not comparable to what might have been in the 17th century, today the festival attracts crowds of curious people from around the world which transform the town with theatrical joy and playfulness, historical masks and dresses. For two weeks Venice looks at the past decadence celebrating with dances, public events, private parties, exclusive galas and romantic encounters.



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“Rialto no se toca”.The Rialto Market in Venice

Opened at the beginning of the 11th century, the Rialto Market has always been at the commercial heart of Venice, and has been supplying fresh fish and vegetables to the town for all this time. Located nearby the Rialto Bridge, it is unsurprisingly  crowded with tourists.
Despite the popularity, the Market remains a genuine place where Venetians gather to buy quality food and socialize.
The authenticity of the Market is palpable from the early hours of the morning when the fresh food is delivered by boat, by the noise of the traders, by the sound of their voices in the strong Venetian dialect, by local elders pushing their trolleys, by the seagulls that piles up around fish leftovers after the market closes and the blinds are lifted up.
In this respect, the market could be considered a microcosm where Venice still finds its voice, and refuses to become a mere tourist attraction.
“Rialto no se toca” (Don’t touch the Rialto Market) roars the Lion, symbol of Venice, as written on the Market banner, was placed there by fishmongers in 2011 when the local municipality proposed moving the wholesale fish market further from the city.



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