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PX3 – STATE OF THE WORLD 2022 – Curatorial Selection

Very happy to find out that the Korah community photos have been selected for the curated ”State of the World” 2022 exhibition by the Px3 Paris Photography Prize jurors.

Link to the series: https://px3.fr/winners/curator/2022/1-107099-22/

Link to the series: https://px3.fr/winners/curator/2022/1-107099-22/

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Royal Photographic Society Associate award

I am absolutely delighted to learn that my first book “The Art of Spectating” was awarded the Associate for the Royal Photographic Society in the photobook genre. Thanks to all panel members involved in the judging process.

RPS Photobooks Genre

Ph. credit: Ex Why Zed Print
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The Art of Spectating – PX3 bronze medal

The ‘Art of Spectating’ is my first self-published photography book which explores the connection between the exhibited works and the visitors. The photos included are taken in various art museums in London and abroad, between 2013 and 2020.

The book foreword is written by art historian and museum expert Tamara Ognjević.

The book proposal has been awarded a bronze medal at the prestigious Prix de la Photographie annual competition (PX3) in the category book/people. 


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International Photography Awards ONESHOT – OUR TIMES 2021

My submission “The party that did not happen” has been awarded with an Honorable mention in the “lockdown life” category.

Link to IPA website

The London Notting Hill Carnival is one of the largest street party in Europe and it is a significant event in the Caribbean culture. It attracts around two and a half million people annually every year on the last weekend of August. In 2020 the event was cancelled for the first time since 1966 because of the pandemic. This shot was taken on the same day and time of the parade.

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The Prix de la Photographie (PX3) 2020

Good news from the Paris Photo Prize 2020.
My submission series “Soho Nights” has been awarded with a bronze medal in the “Street Photography” category.

link to the series:   https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2020/11560

I am also very fond of another submission “Venice Secrets” which has been awarded an honorable mention in the Press/General News category.

link to the series:  https://px3.fr/winners/hm/2020/1-95200-20/

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The Addis Merkato, Ethiopia

Last week in Ethiopia we had the opportunity to visit the Addis Merkato, considered to be the largest open market in Africa.
Initially overwhelmed by the hectic scene, chaos, noise, myriads of business trading all sort of goods, we have adventured into the side streets which lead to various sections of the market.
Despite the large size, it is always possible to exit the market from different sides and join one of the main roads surrounding the area. From there it is easy to walk back to the starting point or look for transport.
Our guide, Joseph, a tourism student, is very knowledgeable about Addis and the Merkato, and helps us communicating with local. Gradually, the market starts to make sense.
We walked throughout stalls selling exotic spices and strong coffee beans. Primarily female and kids are working there and call us “faranji” as we pass by. To them, every foreigner is from China.
We learn about the Enset, “false banana” paste, a multipurpose crop feeding more people per square miles than any other cereal.
Perhaps the most interesting section is the “recycling” area where things get fixed and eventually traded back in the market. The sound from hundreds of workers chiselling hard material, joining metals part, fixing pots, is like a restless jazz orchestra. In the Merkato, everything gets recycled.
People welcome us with curiosity. Some smile and do not mind our presence; others let us understand, in a polite way, that photographs are unwanted. Kids are excited at meeting foreigners and like the engagement. Some wants to take photos with us.
At the end of our visit, just before sunset, leaving the market means wanting to go back soon to understand more.

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International Photography Awards (IPA) 2015

Thanks to the International Photography Awards (IPA) for awarding me with three honorable mentions in the categories of Architecture, Deeper Perspective/Editorial and Lifestyle/People.

Here is my work (click on each image to see the photos on the IPA site)

Deeper Perspective & Editorial: “Revisiting a working place

IPA2015, Francesco Marchetti, Revisiting a working place


Lifestyle & People: “UK Seaside in Summer


IPA2015, Francesco Marchetti, UK Seaside in Summer


Architecture, Bridges & Cityscapes: “Belgrade Bridge


IPA2015, Francesco Marchetti, Belgrade Bridge





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International Photography Awards (IPA) 2014

I am very pleased to find out that I have been awarded 3 Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2014, in the category architecture (bridges and cityscape).

Here is my work….


London Fog



Millennium Bridge




A set from the London Docklands Line Railway (DLR)



Thanks to the IPA judges for awarding my work, I feel honored to be part of the Honorable Mentions Gallery.






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London Photo Festival – May 2014

The London Photo Festival is a theme based exhibition organised twice per years, and open to amateur and semi-professional photographer. This year I decided to enter the competition, the theme was Street Photography”.

I am very pleased as my entry “Private Lives” has been selected as 2nd runner during the private viewing, by the guest judge and photographer Colin O’Brien. It is an encouraging reward and one I am proud of, given the variety of works on display.

Private Lives

A master class and portfolio review with Zoe Whisham, Commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor, was also a good opportunity for me to have a constructive feedback on previous works, and identify future area of development.

Thanks to the London Photo Festival for this great opportunity, and well done to the organisers Emma and Kit for the enthusiasm and commitment to the event.



London, 25th May 2014


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International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013

I am very pleased to find out that I have been awarded 1 Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013 for my work in Venice….


Thanks to the IPA judges for awarding my work, I feel honored to be part of the Honorable Mentions Gallery.


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